Red Wolf Editors

Irene Toh lives on a tropical island. She thinks poetry is a practice, and what better way to write poems synchronously, even obsessively, than to be inspired by prompts. She is administrator of Red Wolf Poems, a poetry prompt site, and editor of Red Wolf Journal. She really likes soulfulness and surreality in poems. Mostly she’s inspired by the moon and the stars. She blogs at bestlovetessa.

Tawnya Smith (a.k.a. Yousei Hime) has focused on haiku for over five years now (with occasional adventures in other forms). Through haiku she tries to zoom in on what is around her. She looks for a scene, a moment. She works about five miles from the Texas coast. The wind blows every day. Every day there is something new. Even when the sky is blue, the wind blows and the waves roll. It takes careful attention to see it then to capture that newness. She is co-editor of Red Wolf Journal. Blogs at Shiteki Na Usagi.


4 thoughts on “Red Wolf Editors

  1. I’m loving this and can’t figure out why I never knew it was here before–the group and the poetry flare, not the new site. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing more of you and watching you all and your efforts grow. Best of luck!

  2. YES! What Claudsy said… although I know why I never knew it: it’s ’cause I don’t get out much! But thanks to Walt’s link I popped in and love it. Best of luck for continued success with the site and I hope to play too. 🙂

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