Prompt for RWJ, Prompt 270

Day 16. This world is made up of people, and the people are not the same. We’re not cookie molds of each other. We each have our own dispositions. Unless you’re a rank-and-file soldier who has to obey a string of code. Once a command is issued, you fall in unquestioningly. Minions are spawned! No wonder my son doesn’t like the concept. Well that’s not my point. My point really is that the world should accept diversity in people. And not discriminate due to difference. For instance, difference in religion. Or sexual orientation. Because that kind of discrimination makes it difficult for the individuals in question. Anyhow that’s how I’m interpreting Robert Brewer’s prompt, to use the phrase “Blank–insert anything here, systems.. It’s “all systems go” for me.

Prompt for RWJ, Prompt 269

Day 15. Mid-point. Thoughts of giving up? Me too. After the heaviness of Good Friday, today’s Easter vigil. It’s not that it’s too much to bear. It is and it isn’t. It is because things take a toll on oneself. It isn’t because one can always pick oneself up after a fall. So if you’ve fallen, please pick yourself up. It’s not that one can pray for no natural disaster to befall. But one can pray for the means to survive it. I can’t wait for tomorrow–Easter. Easter is when life conquers death isn’t it? Speaking of which, the prompt is to use the phrase “That one time”. That one time he walked through the valley of death but lived to see the sun again. So do not forget to pick yourself up. Like Lazarus.

Prompt for RWJ, Prompt 268

Day 14. It’s Good Friday. A soulful day. So write a soulful poem will ya? I asked for one good thing, and it happened. So do you pray? Do you speak to God? It’s like asking with an inner voice, in an inner space. It’s private. Maybe if you keep listening to your soul? Then God will answer? And He will provide? Whatever it is He moves in mysterious ways. Anyway all I’m saying is that somehow one day it will rain on you that your life has meaning? Something you feel in your soul, in your old bones? Robert Brewer wants us to pick a popular saying and run with it in some way. You know, something like “burst your bubble” or “rain on your parade”, or “cry wolf”. Anything. But remember to write soulfully.

Prompt for RWJ, Prompt 267

Day 13. You feeling the burn? Or maybe it’s just the mood, like you’re not really in the mood for this. Like not believing. Not believing. That’s hard. Believing…that’s easy. I don’t know. Believers have it easy, simply because they do not doubt. They have a thing called faith. To have that stamps your soul with conviction. I am speaking of anything you believe in. But maybe it’s not easy too. To believe. Because if it’s too easy, then…what does it mean? Does it have meaning really, beyond what you so readily believe? If you’re not challenged in any way about your belief? There’s one thing though that you can believe in: family. You can interpret “family” too, in a wider sense, to include those who love you, who are not connected to you by blood but by history, circumstance, some commonality, connected in some real way. Robert Brewer wants a family poem, guys.

Prompt for RWJ, Prompt 266

Day 12. Truth is, we are our bodies. Sometimes it dictates to us, like for instance, last night I went to lie down, and literally could not get up. I could, I suppose, if I wanted, but my body remained down. So I did not get up to write a poem. Strangely I did not even feel guilty about it. If there’s any guilt, it’s all in my mind. Who would fault me for not writing? Not you. Not anyone in the whole wide world. But I’ve disciplined myself into writing this month, so here I am. I will write at any time I want to. In fact I will do any damn thing as I please. As I please. So while we’re into discipline, we’re not robots. There’s nothing robotic about doing things at your own pace. My sons are kind of like that. What’s the rush, mom? So what guilts you? Robert Brewer wants to know.

Prompt for RWJ, Prompt 265

Day 11, it turns out, is sonnet day. I’ve nothing against love sonnets. My favorite is this one by Pablo Neruda. I don’t do rhyme much. It’s like …against my form. But I relented. Poetry that sounds like poetry because there’s an obvious musicality. Anyway, it’s full moon tonight. And bloody hot. But there you go, Robert Brewer asked for a love sonnet. He asked for a sonnet but I say it has to be a love sonnet.

Prompt for RWJ, Prompt 264

Day 10. My calendar says, it’s April 10, as I typed this, but at night, 9PM, whereas in New York, it’s 9AM. It’s 11 April in New Zealand, guys. If you live so far ahead in time, the rest of the world seem like laggards or something. Also wherever you are the air you breathe seemed different too. Which is why …travel and if you lack the money then these days you could “travel” through Instagram stories. I’ve been overdosing on sakuras in Japan, and other blossoms in Paris and London. It’s almost like being there yourself. Almost, of course, being the key word. But it’s as real-time as it gets. Anyway you’ve guessed it, Robert Brewer has travel on his mind.