Red Wolf Poems provides ad hoc prompts for inspiring you to write poems prolifically and submit them to Red Wolf Journal, our sister site. You may find our online literary journal here.

Prompts shall be updated ad hoc so check back here often. You may subscribe to our Facebook Page to get updates every time a new prompt is posted.

Submission of poems to this site shall be deemed as submission to Red Wolf Journal. Please include a brief bio. You may email your poems for our consideration at redwolfjournal AT gmail DOT com. Submit poems to us by email here. Submission guidelines here.

Historical note: We are the reincarnation of We Write Poems.

Header artwork credit: Jenny Bitner






4 thoughts on “About

  1. I may have mentioned this before… but it is really a pain in the neck to have to go to the page of the prompt each and every time and click on a link. Have ‘you’ collectively ever thought about having a link system like The Sunday Whirl? I know there are many different ones. I hope you can find one that works. It would make it just a tad easier to visit other writers.

      • Thank you Sabra –

        I’ve been doing Red Wolf/We Write Poems prompts for at least as long as I’ve been doing Sunday Wordles…a long time since around April of 2012, every week at least (I think, not including other specials or the Red Wolf Wordles).

        Looking forward to some easier access to others writings. ~ Thanks again.

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