Prompt for RWJ, Prompt 330

Anyone still keeping up with writing? Posting? Doing this thing? I had wanted this to end. Then anyway it did not. But doesn’t mean that it will still continue. Because there’s always change. Things evolve. I don’t like to keep repeating. But maybe the biggest change is our attitude. When we age, the ball of our eye changes. That’s what she said. Does that change our sight for the better? It does, amazingly. So yea, write about change.


5 thoughts on “Prompt for RWJ, Prompt 330

  1. Change Isn’t Just for Diapers

    ‘Change’, you say as if it were a dirty word,
    emphatically, a wise nod of the head, as though
    anyone would dare disagree. But, I have
    changed and it isn’t a dirty word. It isn’t the end
    of the world. It isn’t a thing you need to fix.
    I like this new me. I like thinking for myself.
    I’m not the old pocket change you rattle in
    your pocket, an afterthought, something
    to put in a glass jar for a rainy day. It came
    as such a surprise to you… and to me. Who
    would have ever thought … now I understand
    ‘You’ve come a long way, baby.’ What I don’t
    understand is why it took me so long.

  2. Getting Away

    Things evolve, she said.
    Makes me want to peek under
    rocks and seek causes.
    Or else get away
    quickly, ducking low and tight.

    I hoped to head out
    by now – on the asphalt road
    only so long as
    is necessary –
    then across the ripe wheat fields
    to the south of town.
    But I keep going
    back for stuff I think I want
    knowing all the while
    I’ll dump half of it
    in the heat of the damn day
    and the wheaten dust.

    ‎September ‎21, ‎2017 6:18 PM

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