Prompt for RWJ, Prompt 319

Love is always a good idea, isn’t it? I’ve been reading stories about love and it’s always about illusions. It’s a kind of obsession that is ultimately illusory. What is true love but real love? And that’s about not having any illusions. It’s about pain rather than excitement. Real love is painful. It is kind of like thinking about the other person’s mortality, and your own, and then dealing with each other in tenderness about it. It’s about emotional support. It’s never about physical ecstasy, although that seemed to be a selling point. Think about the idea of the labor of love.


2 thoughts on “Prompt for RWJ, Prompt 319

  1. Like Bourbon it’s Best Aged

    Can it be possible
    you look at me and see
    something I don’t see?
    You fell in love,
    I can understand that,
    cause love is blind they say.
    What puzzles me is that you stay –
    not stay with me, you’re a faithful man,
    but stay in love with this old crone
    of loose flesh and thinning bone.

    Can it be possible
    after all this time
    of plodding forward arm in arm
    you forgive the passing years
    and gravity for the damage
    to sweet young flesh?
    Can overlook reality
    and view instead
    with eyes that gently see
    what is the true, authentic me?

    Can it be possible?
    Oh, yes.

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