Prompt for RWJ, Prompt 311

Back in the 80s, the digital revolution was just showing its teeth. We hardly knew then that the World Wide Web would revolutionize everything. When you think about it we were using pagers–oh my god–beep beep beep and I would run to a phone to call back my editor. And I would be dictating words to a secretary. These days no way–one could just type up and send the words on their way. I knew a guy who was at that forefront then–he’s a digital technology editor, and I’d just rolled my eyes at his geek speak. I guess he’s a pretty smart guy and I be that dumb blonde. The world may be full of shenanigans then but one hardly hears of it except by word of mouth and there’s no such thing as social media. So for today, write about your digital life. You have one don’t you?


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