Prompt for RWJ, Prompt 303

Life sometimes makes a clean sweep. So you’re forced to move on, invent new shapes. It’s kind of an upheaval. Things from the inside turned outward, so everybody’s demons came tumbling out. Anyway that’s kind of what’s on my mind due to local events. Haven’t you realized by now that there’s nowhere to hide, that eventually the truth will be out, people’s true colors will be revealed? Whatever fantasy are you living? That seemed to be the question. God holds up a huge mirror so that forces self-reflection, so either you see your faults or you go on pretending. Only you can’t pretend any longer. So write a poem that’s about change that comes from within.


One thought on “Prompt for RWJ, Prompt 303


    It’s not the way they say it is.
    Life has seasons, true,
    but it could be a world of newness,
    positive change, not all about
    the cycle of repeating sins
    we commit, regretting
    again and again
    how many hearts we bruise
    that we ought instead to love.

    Life need not be a revolving door,
    a spinning of the self in futile circles
    that can only dizzy us
    in our resolve to make life good.
    Take clay in your two hands.
    For a moment pretend Godhood
    by shaping the formless
    into a breathing new dawn
    Full of jumping-for-joy promise.


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