Prompt for RWJ, Prompt 286

May is a turning point, like the universe is doing a balletic performance and you’re truly astounded. Well it’s kind of like that for me. Which only goes to show, what?…grace and beauty, the leaps and bounds of a beating heart, the sanguineness that comes with the belief that everything’s going to be alright even though the universe is trippy as hell. So what is your point of view? Tell me now. In a poem of course.


One thought on “Prompt for RWJ, Prompt 286


    In floral finery
    these petaled debutantes
    come alive in spring,
    bursting from beds of seeds
    in May’s post-winter sleep.
    The garden celebrates!

    Teeming rains of April?
    the capricious madness
    of March? All gone at last.
    The warm winds, once brutal,
    Now lead flowers to dance.
    The garden celebrates!

    This be their season’s joy:
    To delight in the waft
    of their fragrance carried
    by the breeze and divided
    among lonely lovers.
    The garden celebrates!

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