Prompt for RWJ, Prompt 284

Day 30. Wow, means the end right? Are endings sweet or sad, I wonder? We all like to finish well I suppose. All’s well that ends well? You know what an ending means. It means that you’ve completed a journey. And the destination is somewhat of a non-event is it? I remember how I would work on a massive project and everyone would just coalesce together to get shit down, so much stuff to do and an end goal, but once the end goal was achieved, the sense of ending comes when there’s nothing left to do and everyone disappears. In that way endings are kind of disappointing. Would you rather be journeying or ending? But as they say, in all things there’s an entrance and an exit. You just got to enter some other door, you know. Robert wanted us to use the phrase, “The Blank-Insert Anything Here”, in a poem. He really means “The End”, we know that, but I’d rather you insert anything else but “The End”.


One thought on “Prompt for RWJ, Prompt 284


    I lost my voice screaming soundlessly
    for help, someone to liberate me from
    the wrong side of a backwards reality
    where I pounded my fists against the glass.
    How could logic be so contradicted?
    Abducted from morning shave by a trick
    with mirrors, I question my sanity.
    Am I dreaming? Can I find the exit?
    Above the giant silver gate, a sign:
    “TIXE ON.” (“On Time”? I wonder,
    then it dawns on me: “NO EXIT.”
    Kathy at the mirror rosy-tints her cheeks.
    She smiles at her reflection. I smile back.

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