Prompt for RWJ, Prompt 282

This is the one I’d missed yesterday. It’s a word list: pest, crack, ramble, hiccup, wince, festoon. Use them in a poem–what Robert Brewer wants us to do. Truth be told we’re nearing the end of this delectable month, said with a bit of irony only. Stranger things have happened. Why do I say that? I thought about it and this isn’t the most natural thing to do, to write a poem a day. It isn’t. It’s even unnatural to a lot of people. And even pointless I suppose. Anyway I’ve better things to worry about than to think about what other people think. So this is just me trying to be in their shoes. Those shoes don’t fit obviously. I’m taking them off and putting on my own festooned sandals.


5 thoughts on “Prompt for RWJ, Prompt 282

  1. CRACK

    Crack the moment magical,
    ramble through the past,
    find the pest of sorrow;
    wince in memory’s grasp.

    Hiccup through the thoughts,
    try to catch your breath,
    let regrets be banished;
    festoon in face of death.


    It can happen that one,
    confronted with joy,
    can wince as if in pain.
    Accustomed to sorrow,
    steeled for sudden jolts,
    she can mistake festoons
    of scented spring flowers
    for requiem wreaths,
    tramp instead of ramble
    through nature’s delights,
    sidestep the pavement cracks
    to avoid the pest of misfortune.
    Joy is everywhere!
    Embrace it with courage.
    Step on that crack
    and break the devil’s back.

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