Prompt for RWJ, Prompt 265

Day 11, it turns out, is sonnet day. I’ve nothing against love sonnets. My favorite is this one by Pablo Neruda. I don’t do rhyme much. It’s like …against my form. But I relented. Poetry that sounds like poetry because there’s an obvious musicality. Anyway, it’s full moon tonight. And bloody hot. But there you go, Robert Brewer asked for a love sonnet. He asked for a sonnet but I say it has to be a love sonnet.


2 thoughts on “Prompt for RWJ, Prompt 265


    What woodland sprite could tell me how to treasure
    Love, for I suspect magic’s in the giving
    And receiving of this life’s sweetest pleasure.
    Imagine God molding clay into living
    Man and woman! What joy! The greatest measure
    Of His boundless love.This God so forgiving!
    Why when we stumble over stones we censure
    Ourselves? What woodland sprite can teach us bringing
    Mercy to our lives is part of love’s power?
    Begin with self-love. Let it grow. Avoid faking.
    Or treasuring love like gold or some flower
    Torn from gardens. Prevent your heart from breaking:
    Feed it kind words. Don’t let it see you cower
    When love’s magic stares you down. Don’t start shaking!


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