Prompts for RWJ, Prompt 221

Hi guys, this world is made up of relationships so ask yourself, who do you hang out with? That probably defines your world. And yes, it’s plural, worlds, as it really refers to different circles of friends doesn’t it? And do you realize that the people you hang out with change, and that these changes would mean that you’re changed if for some reason, a person drops off from your circle, whatever precipitates that. If you believe in God then you’d believe that God brings new people into your life and removes others, so in that way the people you used to hang out with becomes a phase, know what I mean? Imagine saying, oh she’s just a passing phase. Sometimes this passing brings with it hard lessons in relationships. One of these lessons could be, for instance, that a person you thought of as a friend is actually an attention-seeker, that she was nice to you as long as you behaved as her squad, that she actually has no intention of appreciating you on your own terms, so your epiphany causes you to move away from her. That’s how it changes you. Get it?

I know that people go through these all the time, and that keeps things in check. So we’d all grow up, know what I mean?

So for the prompt, write a relationship poem.


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