Prompts for RWJ, Prompt 188


Camille Pissarro, The Côte des Bœufs at L’Hermitage (1877)

Camille Pissarro, a Dutch-French painter, painted the rolling hills of the close-by neighbourhood of L’Hermitage when he stayed at Pontoise. The Côte des Bœufs (‘cattle ridge’) is a steep hill face just north of the River Oise. As an Impressionist, he often painted plein air and at this location he had painted scenes on five occasions in three different decades. He had shown his work at all eight Paris Impressionist exhibitions, from 1874 to 1886. This painting hung in his bedroom for many years. The artist, Walter Sickert, had said of it: “But the charm of a picture like this lies chiefly in its immense and indefatigable laboriousness, in labour so cunning, so swift and so patient, that the more it is piled up, the greater the clarity and simplicity of the result.”


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