Prompts for RWJ, Prompt 153

Hope things have been pretty placid for you. If you have passed through a storm you’d know what placid means. There’s the noise of children playing just outside my window. White noise. I had just heard news that someone’s dog, a 9 year old German Shepherd, had died. Was fine yesterday. Laid down in its usual spot. But this morning died. Perhaps a heart attack. It drove its owner, apocalypse-like, to tears. For someone like me, nothing unusual like that happened today. I don’t have a dog. Not now. But I know that when mine died, no other dog will take its place. I guess life is personal like that. Some woman drove her car to a ditch. A man, a stranger, came to help her out. They became lovers. You know, things happen and it’s all personal. Everyone’s life is different. Now that I’d led you on, on some kind of mind trip maybe, write about whatever personal thing that was for you. Think back.


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