Prompts for RWJ, Prompt 147

And then it’s done. I didn’t think I did too badly. My poems have definitely improved over the years since I took part in the annual poetry month. You know what they say? Practice. My bellydance teacher told me that it’s when you think you’ve hit rock bottom then you suddenly, unexpectedly rise. So poet folks, this is for Writers Digest Day 5 Prompt. To write an experience poem. A retrospective for me since I missed this last one out. Thanks to Robert Lee Brewer for all the inspiration.

She is a flower in a room.
She’d let you in. O her perfume!
Too intense so you’d exult,
in the intimacy. She’s feeding
off your fingers, stuck hers
in yours and started to wrench.
How did your head get this way,
you’re whimpering.
Such a carnivorous flower!

And so to experience, my love.
I imagine in a far-off plot
she’d be gardening in gloves
amongst throbs of ginger
and here we are, crying in a
retrospective, broken into,
praying with fungus fingers.


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