Prompts for Red Wolf Journal Chapter 16

Hello poets,

A new year means new poems. I mean, it can definitely mean new this and that, but also this: a new sheaf of poems. That is a given for us poets. It’s like you’ve been given a blank white sheet to start over again. I think the amazing thing is that your writing may start to shift. Shift because you are evolving, and so the writing too evolves. So make sure you rake the earth and plant the seedlings. A prompt can be a seedling too, should you decide to write to a prompt. The overall aim though is to see beauty in the living. Where on earth is the beauty?  You tell us here.


Prompt 87: Every poet loves an ekphrastic challenge. That is true. Because every picture tells a story right? This one’s a real challenge by Rattle. Only two winners. Darn! Oops, well. You might like to try it anyway just for the heck of it. The winning isn’t the reason for doing this. You know that already but you also want the icing on the cake. Well aren’t you full of hubris, you over-achiever you? Is that the point? Yes? Then you fail to see the real point. The real point, as I’ve already said at some earlier point, is (fill in the blank).


oil on linen  48x78 1986

oil on linen 48×78 1986

Ruth Bavetta, “Chronicle”


Prompt 88: Like Narcissus, we love our own reflection. I meant it more metaphorically than not. So the world is a reflection of us, the friends, the things you surround yourself with. It is an effing mirror, isn’t it? They make up your world, your issues. And there isn’t just one world is there? There’re worlds…like multi-verses. And in fact, you are a world unto yourself. My head hurts thinking about this. It makes me real dizzy. Think about worlds and write your poem, okay?


Prompt 89: The prompt’s vacation. But with a little help from this image via Visual Verse. The site’s blurb says: “Visual Verse: An Anthology of Art and Words. One image, one hour, 50-500 words. The picture is the starting point, the text is up to you.” I like that you need to write within an hour. I wrote mine in a couple of minutes. As I usually do, 99 percent of the time.



Prompt 90: I was reading off Robert Peake’s blog and found this quote which said, “There is another world, and it is in this one. ” —attributed to Paul Éluard. That’s your prompt. Robert had done a review of his 2015, in poetic terms. I don’t have much to show. Except to say I have completed a year of Red Wolf Journal in 2015–Spring, Summer, Fall issues, all done; Winter issue, doing and soon done. I don’t think I will repeat what was done last year (heh).

But the theme of the Winter issue has stuck with me, grown into me somehow. I feel if I’m to continue to write and edit, I would like to see more beauty. It is hard to see. Not in the immediately apparent way, anyway, what and how the world truly is. I would like that to be the continuing theme of Red Wolf Journal throughout 2016. I feel that I’ve not seen enough of it. That we have not. And we should and ought to. The sum of your life is measured by what and how you see.

Prompt 91: A naked woman is beautiful right? I googled and found out Ed Ross took a lot of artsy photos in that vein. They’re kind of tastefully done. You’ll probably find them riveting. This pic via Magpie Tales is just one of the many portraits taken by Ed. The prompt is, well…naked beauty. You’d probably want to lionise it or something. And if you haven’t been, go look at the concrete poem by Christopher Oak Reiner, ok? I found it riveting.



Prompt 92: C D Wright died. Alan Rickman died. David Bowie died. Celine Dion’s husband died. Truth is, everyone dies. Which sort of steps up our guessing game of what the fuck did we come here for. The work that we do of course. C D Wright’s poem, “Our Dust”, addressed it for me. Which is why I ranted a bit, okay a whole lot. The prompt is, what the fuck did we come here for?


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