Prompts for Red Wolf Journal Chapter 11

Hi y’all,

As the season turns cold, I imagine you might be more home-bound and do more writing. In case you’re not tuned in, Red Wolf Journal is inviting submissions to its Winter 2015 Issue 8 so you could bump up your act and actually do the deed (writing prolific poems and submitting to our journal). I imagine if you consider yourself a poet you ought to be writing poems and wanting to share them on a common platform. Our theme’s “Seeing Beauty” and I’ve been sort of forcing my mind to that mindset–not easy (surprise)–because I don’t usually think like that. I’m not all that spiritual. Well, trying to see the beauty in everything is quite the challenge. I challenge you to do it as I myself am challenged.

Prompt 57: Oh there’s Remembrance Day this week. Lest we forget. But we don’t. We do not ever forget. We’re like forget-me-nots. Your heart does not forget. The point is not that we’ll forget because we won’t. Your heart won’t allow it. Your heart’s a poppy.
Write a remembrance poem, dear heart, letting this image from Magpie Tales inspire you if you will. If you think your poem’s good enough, submit it to Red Wolf Journal.

poppies 1

Prompt 58: Zephyus is the god of the west wind and god of spring. He carries a basket of unripe fruit. He is also depicted as a winged youth. What wind blows for you? That’s the question for the day. If you think about it, then maybe you’d wind up writing about wind along with other stuff? Could writing be a kind of wind? I think so.

Prompt 59: Write about a blue landscape. Here’s Marc Chagall for inspiration.


Marc Chagall, The Blue Landscape


Prompt 60:


Marc Chagall, The Bethrothed and Eiffel Tower

In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, I watched this video of a Parisian dad talking to his young boy about it. How do you explain violence and death to a kid? I guess you say things like “flowers and candles” offer protection and isn’t it true, that we need to surround ourselves by these outward symbols after trauma? They kind of surround us with the aura of beauty. Your prompt is to write about the beauty of Paris. With a lil help from Chagall. Don’t forget to submit to Red Wolf Journal’s Winter 2015 issue.


Prompt 61: As you undoubtedly realize, I’m a fan of Chagall. He has a child-like imagination which I like. I like the euphoric quality. Also the romantic quality. And that to me, is a spirituality that speaks of beauty. Aren’t we all really simple at heart? And man’s seventh age is the child, isn’t it, says the bard. But I prefer not to see it as a debilitating childishness. The artist sees as a child does. Well, the prompt is to try and capture the spiritual qualities of a child. As in a Chagall painting.

cx Paris Through the Window

Marc Chagall, Paris Through the Window


Prompt 62: Heh, maybe I’m trying to build a stash of Chagall poems. But here I am, with another one of his, one that’s clearly symbolic, yes? If you didn’t already know he has a visual iconography comprising stuff like musicians, animals (particularly goats), fish (his dad worked for a herring merchant), flying, and couples who lay or fly together. This one’s clearly about time, yes? Write a poem about time,  will ya?




Marc Chagall, Time Is A River Without Banks


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