Prompts for Red Wolf Journal Chapter 8


I don’t know about you but September marks a turning point, like we’re finally cruising toward the sunset and hallelujah, at the end of the tunnel there’s Christmas and an expectancy of a new year, and a feeling that we’re not where we were when we first started out, that we’re even transformed–a little or a lot–while remaining the same. Meanwhile there’s still art to console us, because God have mercy, we’ve grown older, haven’t we? Anyway, on to art.

Prompt 40: I seem to have fallen on the wayside of writing in the past week. So what to do? I found Chagall’s art and went with it. I imagine you think that writing a poem is some ponderous thing and try as you may, you’re getting yourself into stitches. Why? Why can’t you just go with the flow? Try going with the flow with Chagall’s painting and see what happens.


Marc Chagall, Birthday

Prompt 41: I’ve always been fascinated by Wallace Stevens’ line and wanted to throw a poetry fragment into this thing. So use a poetic quote when you write your ekphrastic poem to Botero’s painting. I think it’s fun to do crazy stuff like that in poems.


Fernando Botero, Couple Dancing

Prompt 42: Ok ok so it’s another Chagall painting. There’s just something joyous about his art that sweeps me up. When you were a child, did you not look forward to the circus coming to town? As Chagall did? Something so dissolute about a circus, don’t you feel? Theatrical. With a strong dose of clownish anarchy. Well you get the idea. Now go capture that feeling in your Chagall poem.


Marc Chagall, Au Cirque

Prompt 43: Wyeth’s famous painting is totally riveting. That sparseness with multitudinous grass. That girl in a sweet pink dress strangely twisted toward the farmhouse. Fortitude. A story waiting to unfold.


Andrew Wyeth, Christina’s World

Prompt 44: Hey people, I finally found a picture to write to. It’s a Hopper, no less. I wrote this down in like ten minutes. Gotta go.


Edward Hopper, Second Story Sunlight

Prompt 45: Ok people I’m doing another Hopper. Can one ever be done with Hopper? Not until you’re done I guess, and I’m not. Really I’m not. You know I’m always thinking about this fake world. And you know what’s real? It’s when you start to read the world as all gestures. The gestures may lead one to the truth. That’s how the light gets in.


Edward Hopper, Hotel Lobby


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