Prompts for Red Wolf Journal Chapter 7

Hey everyone,

Is summer transitioning to fall? My friend who’s gallivanting in London says it’s getting cold. Is the changing season mirroring changes in your personal lives? The landscape changes. Our selves change. Nature is an agent of change and so are we. This leads us, interestingly or not, to our next prompt.

Prompt 34: Art draws upon life for its material. To be true to life, it draws a realistic landscape. What sort of landscape, that’s entirely up to your imagination. We draw upon templates and then insert a subject, an agent of change. Think about it for a moment. Then come up with a poem.

Prompt 35: Let’s just do another take on a landscape. Only it’s got to be green. The moors or something. Nothing except green. Maybe some stones. A fence. Well, go on. Write something that’s evocative of such a place. Picture’s via Magpie Tales.

image 100

Prompt 36: Sigh…what does the poem express? What is the art of expression? How do metaphors do their work? Take those metaphors–wood, steel, corsets–and run with them. They are wicked little devices indeed.

Prompt 37: One of my oft used metaphors is a boat. I don’t know why but I like it. So go ahead and use that as a metaphor in your poem. To make art is to be metaphorically speaking. So keep practicing doing that. A boat makes a crossing. There’re many crossings in life. In fact isn’t life a journey, tempestuous and calm by turns, over a great unknown body of water? So what is your next port of call?

Prompt 38: Art is about seeing through the artist’s eyes. It’s vision enjoined by the artistic filter, a diffused way of seeing, of mastering the chaos. If you looked at Robert Polidori’s photograph, “Corner of Law and Egania Streets”, you’d be assailed by a sense of eerie calm. Yet it was chaos that he photographed out in New Orleans post Katrina. You see the broken roof, door and fence, the fallen lines and branches. The objective disarray belying the calm. Why does art do this? Think about it. How does the artist make sense of despair? Let your thought inspire your poem.


Prompt 39: Hey if you’re still following me, I was thinking about how art structures. The desultory narrative, the veering into new characters, new directions. Then it all ties back to something, usually at the beginning. So the prompt is to write about structure. I was thinking something else about it. Then I lost the thread. Mainly because the story wanted to write itself. That happens a lot in art, when you kind of lose yourself, because of the way language and the threads pull you along.


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