Red Wolf Journal releases Summer 2015 Issue 6

Hey watchers,

In case you haven’t got the news, Red Wolf Journal has released the PDF edition of Summer 2015 Issue 6. Just to make it easy & specially for watchers of this space, you can download it right here.

Red Wolf Journal Summer 2015 Issue 6

It wasn’t exactly foreseen but what I’ve done, amazingly and unexpectedly, is to keep this space going with prompts that hopefully inspire you to write new poems and if you feel you wanna try them out for publication in Red Wolf Journal. We’re still thinking of the theme for the Fall 2015 issue (right guys, we’re still not out of our summer wear you know) but you’re free to jump right in and submit whatever you feel is good. I gotta admit, we have been totally discriminating in our selection this time round. It felt good. If at first you don’t succeed try and try again.

I suspect that theme-wise we’ll try to be all-encompassing again. I mean, guys, stories was the theme for the Summer 2015 issue. And every effing poem ought to be a story right? Right.

Anyway I’ll try and keep the prompts rolling. But try and make that poem work ok? Can you tell what will win us over? Keep guessing. We’re getting serious.

When and if we ever come up with a theme for the Fall 2015 issue, we’ll let you know. In the meantime here’s more summer lovin!


Story Prompts for Red Wolf Journal Chapter 4

Hey guys,

This being the last week into 19 July 2015, which is the deadline for Red Wolf Journal’s Summer 2015 issue, I’m not at all sure if these prompts are getting you any inspiration. Probably not. So why do I keep doing them? The same reason the sun rises every morning I guess. So yes: deadline. Either you make a run for it or you make a run away from it. Either way, run with the wolves.

Prompt 19: The prompt is to write about a resurrection of some sort. It’s when a man turns into a werewolf, a woman turns into a witch. The boundaries have been transgressed. Why? So that there is a resurrection of some sort. Get it?

Prompt 20: The prompt is to write an an origin story. Have you got one? What is your version of God? How did you find God? Did you find him in a temple or a church? If you believe in a God then it would appear that existence is explained by some kind of ideology. What ideology is that?

Prompt 21 (final): So we’ve come to the end of this path. I mean Red Wolf Journal’s Summer 2015 issue. I guess you have about 24-48 hours to submit. Or not. Whatever. The prompt is to think of destiny and what path it’s led you to. At least, the story in your poem. Does it lead to some tropical paradise? I’m really thinking in terms of a cliched metaphor but hey no harm right? Here’s a bit of summer happiness courtesy of K-pop group, Girls’ Generation. Whatever you do, live your best Summer’s Life.