Story Prompts for Red Wolf Journal Chapter 2

Hey everyone, my shadow, my ghosts,

We’re on a poetic journey. As you may or may not realize I am providing prompts in the hope that they’ll inspire you to write poems to submit to Red Wolf Journal. I’m collating prompts as they go. You have a go at them as you wish. Or not. This is the second chapter of prompts. For the first chapter read previous post. The deadline for submission to Red Wolf Journal’s 19 July Year 2015.

Prompt 7: The prompt is to write a retrospective. Let time and memory play a key role in your poem.

Prompt 8: The prompt is to write an event poem. An event that’s celebratory. That’s ritual. That sets you thinking.

Prompt 9: The prompt is to write a poem dissecting something. It could be something concrete or something abstract or a bit of both. Or an investigative poem. Means the same I guess.

Prompt 10: The prompt is to write a water poem. Evoke it. Make it real moody.

Prompt 11: The prompt is to imagine a narrative. Any effing narrative. If you can’t think of one, steal it from Faustus. Go over to the dark side. Eternal damnation be his. Er, I mean, your character’s.

Prompt 12: I’ve been thinking about people who use language. In the part of the world where I live, there’re people who do not write well nor even speak English. But if they practise speaking English then they could be a bridge to the outside world. For instance, by becoming a tour guide, a translator, doing business, whatever. The prompt is to write a poem thinking about language and voice.


2 thoughts on “Story Prompts for Red Wolf Journal Chapter 2

  1. Journalists are always on the beat — they’re as good as the next story they write. I think poets should be the same. And really once you practice there’s an infinite number of poems. I’m real glad you’ve decided to work with the prompts, Debi, and writing along. 🙂 Oh, this confirms it: this site is not moribund or something.

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