Story Prompts for Red Wolf Journal Chapter 1

Hey poets,

So I am going to list the story prompts (see previous post) here. I’m not sure how many prompts there will be (mystery) but it’s an ongoing series to inspire you guys to write new poems to submit to Red Wolf Journal’s Summer 2015 Issue 6. I’ve no idea if this helps. I will keep updating this post as the new prompts come up so keep checking in on this post. After you’ve mulled and written, and mangled and refined your poems (remember this isn’t part of a prompt circuit), please submit them to Red Wolf Journal. Remember to read the Submission Guidelines.

Prompt 1: In this story, there’s a meeting. Some hoo-ha happened.

Prompt 2: In this story, there is a sense of thwarted expectations of happiness.

Prompt 3: In this story, you are going with a feeling of secrecy. I’m quoting Jane Hirshfield (Ten Windows: How Great Poems Transform the World, 2015, p102) on this: “mystery, secrecy, camouflage, stillness, shadow, distance, opacity, withdrawl, erasure, encryption, enigma, darkness, absence–these are the kaleidoscope names of the hidden, each carrying its particular description of something whose essence eludes describing.” Your story will have to contain that feeling.

Prompt 4: This story pivots on word and myth. Your story could be about writing. Writing is a kind of myth-making. Or pick a myth and couch it in your own words.

Prompt 5: Homer’s Odyssey is such a memorable book for me. It was a first year lit text and really my first induction into Greek mythology. I’m a latecomer in most things including this one. So yes, the prompt is to write a poem about something taken from Homer’s Odyssey or just a story about any Greek mythological figure.

Prompt 6: Ireland has a rich literary heritage. I mean, James Joyce, Yeats, Seamus Heaney (the greats) are all Irish. Other than Yeats and Seamus Heaney, George Bernard Shaw and Samuel Beckett, both Irish, have won the Nobel Prize for Literature. The prompt is to write an Irish inspired poem.

I will update every post till it reaches six prompts. So for the next batch of prompts, see new post.


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