Story Prompts for New Poems…for Red Wolf Journal

Hey poets,

This is the original prompt site that turned into a journal.

So if you’re here looking for writing prompts, well you won’t really find them here. But (there’s a but) as the original sister site of Red Wolf Journal, we still believe in prompts being a springboard for new poems. As the current issue of the journal is about telling stories in poems (theme: Once Upon A Time), you might want to cross over to my blog, Orange Is A Fruit for a story prompt. God knows we find our inspiration everywhere and this might just be the sweet spot. Who knows! One thing’s for sure, if you keep looking you just might find what you’re looking for.

Red Wolf Journal is seeking new poems for our current issue. Read about it here.

Happy writing. We hope you submit.

Irene Toh
Red Wolf Journal