We Wordle 32


And a very good morning to you all!

It’s Thursday, and it’s time to squeeze some words out of last week’s prompt “Text, Subtext and Hypertext”.

This is a three-parter, but fear not; it’s easy. Part one is a list of words taken from poems written to Irene’s prompt from last week. Part two is the addition of three extra words that are near-rhymes (frost, soft, dust). Part three is mention a child’s game in your poem.

As always, this prompt is meant for inspiration, so if the words stir other words to the front feel free to use those. All variations of the words are allowed (past tense, present tense, etc). You are also not required to use all the words, but you certainly may if you wish.

I hope you have fun with this week’s wordle, and when you’ve written your poem either post it to your blog leaving a link in the comment field so we can find your creation … or post your poem here in the comment field if you don’t have a blog.


Jules: toy
Debi: life
Misky: puff
Barbara: fairies
Viv: song
Irene: fly
Roslyn: lost
Christopher: door

Three bonus words: frost, soft, dust
The twist: Include the mention of a child’s game in your poem


~ Misky



34 thoughts on “We Wordle 32

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