We Wordle 30


We Wordle Prompt 30

Top of the morning to you all! I’m back with another wordle, words squeezed out of Irene’s prompt 224 “Reprise”. We have eight words to play with (Oh! “PLAY” – there’s that word again! Do remember to submit your poems that fit the theme ‘Play’ for Red Wolf Journal’s Winter Issue 4. Submissions are open until mid-December.) .

Here are the eight words:

 candle, wine, silver, shallow, letter, demands, fireplace, slack

 And we have TWO twists this week:

Take these five extra words that rhyme, and include them in any way you wish in your poem. Use them for internal rhymes or end-line rhymes.

 elaborate, tolerate, perforate, incinerate, exasperate

 Write your poem in the Present Simple Tense. Here’s a link for a definition and a game to play, if you wish.


 I very much look forward to reading your creative pieces. Please post your poem to your blog, and then return here and post the URL address/link in the comments fields below so we can ALL pop by for a read and leave a comment.

Have fun. See you soon!




26 thoughts on “We Wordle 30

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  2. I might play with the first part… keep the second part for when I have more time.
    Even though I did go to the site that explained the tense. Well too many ‘rules’ make me tense.

    Amazingly both of my charges have fallen asleep at the same time. But I think I might just join them…

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