Prompt 224 Reprise

Hey poets,

It’s Halloween week and I thought I’d give the theme a spin.

You’ve all heard of Jonah who was swallowed by a whale but got out after three days. It’s as if he came back from the dead. And well, Jesus’s prophesy of Jonah’s resurrection to the Pharisees prefigures his own resurrection upon which the whole concept of Christianity is based.

So this week’s poem shall be about “coming back from the dead”, or if you think that’s slightly morbid, then the idea of reprise. Like how in music, the chorus keeps repeating. Or how in this Korean drama serial I was watching, the hero was thought dead, but turned out he survived a traffic accident, got amnesia and got a whole new identity with some contrivance from his mother. The point isn’t so much coming back from the dead, though it is too, if you choose to write about metaphorical death. I’m interested in how the story played out the theme of repetition. His first love fell in love with him again while believing he was just another person but a lookalike. So she fell in love with the same guy twice. The path of true love is pretty thwarted but you get the idea. Happy ending or not? You get to decide.

In your poem, you need to use this line somewhere, “I won’t ever come back”.

Ironic huh?

Happy writing, and happy Halloween.


19 thoughts on “Prompt 224 Reprise

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  2. Great post …. When u talk abt Korean drama also sound a lot like the Spanish speaking novellas …. They were just as ur post tells … Coming and going …. Gone missing …. Dead alive …. My mom watched them all the time …. One of the things I miss abt her …. Watching novellas together

    • Thanks for the memory Ms Pie. We become drama serialists for the convoluted plots. I suspect all of them are alike…think there’re even Australian ones. Soap operas. But isn’t life a soap opera huh huh

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