We Wordle 29


We Wordle prompt 29

Welcome to old friends and new friends, poets all. This wordley prompt is sourced from Barbara’s Gilligan Island prompt of last week. We have seven words extracted like gems from your poems. Use one, use two, use all – it’s your call. And here’s Twist 1 …

We are all poets here, but we are also people with other interests. I hope. If you have no other interests, make one up. Maybe quilting, sewing, cooking, baking, painting, drawing, knitting, gardening, animals, bird watching, sports, golf, football, skiing, carpentry, travel, photography, puzzles, hiking, crafts, … write a poem in which one of your interests (other than writing) becomes the secondary subject in your poem, a prop, a brief mention, as if it’s just a fleeting image in your peripheral thought. Like you’re taking your dog for a walk along stream, autumn leaves falling, musty smells, the dog is soaking wet, smelling like a soaked beaver and jumping in the water …. and somewhere in your poem (if you’re a bird watcher) you notice seagulls circling in the sky.

Twist 2: Then we’ll all try to guess what your interest/hobby is. So don’t make it totally obvious. Don’t just blurt out “I love bird watching!”

And of course, use a few/all of these sweet jammy words below. Happy writing, and leave a link here so we can find your poem posted on your blog.

And lastly, please take note: Red Wolf Journal is still looking for poetry and flashfiction submissions for the Winter Issue. Submissions are open until mid-December. Please send us your work! Details are at http://redwolfjournal.wordpress.com/2014/10/10/winter-2014-15-issue-4/


Jules’s clean
Misky’s waves
Hannah’s origami
Irene’s rock
Barbara’s blurred
Fred Herring’s pajamas
Sara’s painted


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