Prompt 223 A Three-Hour Tour

Hey, All.
Barbara here again.

I had a prompt all ready to go, but it was depressing, and I want you all in a playful mood because Wolfie’s pup, Red Wolf Journal, is looking for submissions and the theme is “Play”. Think about that when you finish cooking up your goodies for today.

…Now. What to do. Hmmm. (Did you know that one time through the Jeopardy theme takes 15 seconds? Imagine that going on in the background.)


You remember Gilligan’s Island. An unlikely group of individuals, stranded on an island. The characters were stereotypes, the sets were cheesy, the plots were transparent. The series lasted for years. Why? How? Maybe it’s love. Maybe it was the Howells.

How about taking on the Island?
Describe the setting, or make up your own island with–miraculously–everything you’d need for a comfortable survival.
Or: pick some people (maybe just one) to be shipwrecked with
Or: write about having nothing in common
Or just
Write a Gilligan poem

The original prompt was about disappointment. 😦 That can stay on the table if all else fails for you.


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