Prompt 220 On the Road

Tourist Home, Motor Village, Travel Court,

Bedbug Palace, Motel Hell

Write about that room by the highway.




Barbara here. I’ll be one of your off-and-on prompters for the next few months. I’m a little odd, and my prompts are likely to follow suit. If they seem unruly, give them a good talking-to, shake them (gently. there’s not that much holding them together). They’ll work with you if you’re firm.

For anyone who doesn’t know the drill:
1) You read the prompt
2) You react with a poem, or maybe a flash of fiction
3) You post that creation on your own blog (with a link back to Wolfy, so your friends and neighbors will know who set you off)
4) You come back here and drop a link to your post in the comments section. Say a few words. Wave.
5) You read what the others have written–as many as you can manage–and let them know what you think is fun or moving or thought-provoking. Talk among yourselves
6) Rinse and repeat as needed.



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