Prompt 219 The World Awakens

In Genesis, God spoke the world into existence. When we speak or write, something comes into being. It is a thing described that formerly has no substance. Something is being asserted.

This taking of shape happens slowly. Piecemeal.

“Day one divides the darkness from light, day two the “waters above” from the “waters below”, and day three the sea from the land. In each of the next three days these divisions are populated: day four populates the darkness and light with sun, moon and stars; day five populates seas and skies with fish and fowl; and finally land-based creatures and mankind populate the land.”

When the mind isn’t conscious, the world is nebulous. Often we find ourselves in a state of unconsciousness. The process of maturation begins when we see. We see when, for instance, someone tells us a missing piece of information, something we didn’t know or realise earlier, and then we’re able to piece together a story. There is power in speaking and writing.

In fact, it is necessary to speak, read and write, in order to awaken, to come into being, that which brings us closer to truth.

This morning, I read a line in a poem that seems to speak of this:

“There is something that waits inside us,
a nearness that fissures, that fishes.”
–Jane Hirschfield, “Of Yield and Abandon”

Much of the reward in speaking, reading and writing comes from breaking open a world never seen before in a new light. And in telling stories like this poem here.

Your prompt is to hold these thoughts and write.


18 thoughts on “Prompt 219 The World Awakens

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  4. Sometimes I wonder if there is enough time to tame all the words that wait inside poets.
    Do they have to be tamed?
    Perhaps I’ve gone in a different direction? It is where my fissures fished.

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