We Wordle 24


Here’s another round of wickedly wily words for your pleasure … or frustration, in which case peruse the words and only use those that make your ink flow. These words are plucked from last week’s poetic prompt #218 “Time Travel”.

And Mr Linky has joined us, so rather than posting your link in the Comments field, please use Mr Linky to direct us to your poem. You may, of course, leave a comment and say hello if you wish!

The words and contributors are shown below:

Happy Notes: life doubt swings
Misky: legs stood crashing
Debi: fight mushroom fiery
Viv: sturdy stern strokes
Ron: nose found ear
Nicole: low asylum dust
Barbara: luxury alley chills
Irene: fishnet glassy rang
Roslyn: frayed wings clasped
Sabra: water roots froze
Jules: soap salt bread
Miss Stacy: turn white soap
Hannah: crisp air gone
C.C.  proud great claim
PuffOfSmoke: miles face mirror
Anya: fence drapes paper



Have fun, enjoy, and happy writing!

~ Misky



32 thoughts on “We Wordle 24

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  2. You can always leave links and comments in the reply section. Mr. Linky I think is a necessary tool. Is it only because of Mr. LInky that there are ‘ping backs?’ I always included a link to Red Wolf on my posts but hadn’t seen the ‘ping back’ here before.

    The sense of community can remain if one also chooses to actually read the comments section and comment back within it. It was a bit of a bother though, when one lost the main post when linking from a comment and then had to fish go to the main post and search for who they had and hadn’t visited.
    If ‘Linky’ doesn’t work you can always take it away… But would you take the plow from a farmer?

    Be back later with a scribble or two.

    • I don’t have admin rights, Jules, so I can’t check the ping-back settings here. That’s all up to Irene, and how she wants the mechanics to work.


      • I just hadn’t seen ping backs before – that’s all.
        I hadn’t asked about them either.

        I wasn’t trying to tell anyone how to run the site – just making a suggestion about Mr. Linky. And there are many different link systems. I’m not tech enough to deal with explaining the differences. I hope, at least some like Mr. Linky. Mr. LInky doesn’t have to be used when available. But I think ‘it’ will make visits easier for me, and I hope others as well.

      • Maybe they were there and I just hadn’t notice them.

        I’m flitting back between writing and chores. Hope you are having a wonderful summer. While technically not over… next week I start my grandmotherly duties of watching my little ones. Though three days the elder one is in a full day pre-school program.

        There always seems to be more that needs to be done than the time to do ‘it’ 🙂

        All the best to you and everyone here. A wonderful community it is.

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