Prompt 218 – Time Travel

Hello Poets,

This week we will use our memory to time travel…all the way back to childhood.  Writing about a memory captures it, much like a photograph does; but words also capture emotion, mood, and more.  So, in a poem, embrace and share a snippet of the child you were.

This is Sabra, prompting for the first time. May your poeming be for joy and/or meaning. If you are new to Red Wolf Poems, welcome! If you are a regular, thank you! We look forward to reading your creative creations.

Build Community:
1.  Post your poem on your blog and include a link to Red Wolf Poems.
2.  Come back to Red Wolf and post a link to your blog under Leave a Reply.
3.  Visit the blogs of poets who time traveled with us.  Let them know you visited.



46 thoughts on “Prompt 218 – Time Travel

    • Irene, I like that your poems included several images from your childhood. It seems to me we can know a person a little better once we have a visual of them as a child. Thanks for sharing with us!

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    • Thanks for sharing your fun poem with us, Ron. I know it is a memory a lot of us can relate to. Your post reminds me to write a memory about my grandfather, which I’ve not done.

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    • Thank you for sharing your poem with us, Stacy. I felt as if I was in the kitchen with your family. I could hear the radio playing in the background. I like the ending of your poem and that you appreciated your current self as much as your memories. Well done!

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    • Thank you, C.C. Very glad you read the different poems. If you wrote a poem for the prompt, please leave us a link, so we can read yours. But if you didn’t, that is okay, because we love readers and comments. I’m off to see your blog. 🙂

    • So glad you wrote and shared your poem with us. Yay! I really like the turn in your poem and the tension and build-up. I liked you fearless and fearful. Hope I don’t dream of the black sea beast tonight.
      Don’t think I’ll forget your poem. Well penned!

  9. Reading this prompt, I immediately thought of two things I’d already written–
    Dear Vince Guaraldi
    and Inoculation
    But while intending to post those and forget about it–not being in a childhood vibe at the moment–this showed up–In My Mother’s Mirror

    Whew. Obviously, a potent prompt!

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