We Wordle #22


We Wordle #22

Yousei created a recipe for fun with her prompt 216, Cooking Poetry. I hope that it stirred everyone’s muse. Selected from the poems of her prompt, here are this week’s wordle words.

As always, there are no rules to follow. Choose one word, choose all, and let your imagination fly. Post your poem to your blog with a link back to your creation in the comment field below, or post your poem here, if you haven’t a blog. Enjoy this week’s words!

Yousei: rabbit almond color
Irene: first grass steps
Debi: charmed dress sip
Viv: soaked dreams days
Misky: chop spring stars
Barbara: toasted belly sparks
Raoul: bake mark deep
Roslyn: bubbled broth steaming


~ Misky



11 thoughts on “We Wordle #22

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