Prompt #216: Cooking Poetry


Red Wolf Journal now has poetry collections (two so far) which you can download and read–poetic reading as part of your beat the heat strategy.

Speaking of heat, at my last visit to my mother’s home, she gave me a cookbook.  It was not just any cookbook.  It was Maya Angelou’s Hallelujah! The Welcome Table: A Lifetime of Memories with Recipes.  In it Angelou had paired stories with recipes, culinary haibun.

Why not cooking poetry then?  For the prompt, I offer you choices which you are free to take, transform, or discard:

  • Sift through a cookbook and write down all the verbs that stir you.  Use some or all in a poem.
  • Use a recipe (your favorite or one you find most interesting) to create a framework for a poem.  Substitute unusual nouns, adjectives, occasional verbs and phrases for ingredients and cooking methods to create a new poetic dish.
  • Create your own culinary haibun.  Pair a prose poem with a simple recipe.

For an example read something I tried here, and I always get hungry reading at Irene’s blog.

Bon appétit.



24 thoughts on “Prompt #216: Cooking Poetry

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    • excelsizeus,
      Thank you for joining in, and I apologize for the delay in reading your poem. Busy weekend headed into a busier end of the month. Now to tasting the poetic dish.

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