We Wordle #21


Howdy poets,

Summer wind. Feeling any of that in summer? I love strong gales. I get high.

I’m prompting early. Bored already. Here’re the words from poems submitted to last Thursday’s prompt #125 “Talk Back to a Poem.” If you’re already brewing something for that prompt, don’t let me stop you from submitting your link.

Irene: crystalline, lullaby, vibrations
Viv: God, bucket, kindness
Rosalyn: shining, blackened, arched
Stimmyabby: waterlily, green, swaying
Barbara: scattering, opal, surface
Hannah: pearl, verse, sacred
Misky: leaf, boat, fish
Jules: heaven, secrets, writing
Hala: bewilderment, horses, plank

Use a handful or all of these words to create your poem. Alter the form of the words if you wish.

Here comes the interesting part. This week, I’m giving you an additional video prompt for the inspiration. It’s a haiku video by Rick Daddario.

Rick, as you may or may not know, works in haiga. Haiku and visual. Here, he’s experimenting with haiku and video. I’m not sure what you call it. Any suggestions?

Soak in the imagery of the video and let it inspire you. Obviously the theme is…”Wind”. God’s breath.

There you go.

But before you do, have you gotten wind of what Red Wolf Journal’s put out? It’s two new poetry collections. The first is Christopher Hileman’s Having Taken Vows. You’ll love it or … really love it. The second is a collaborative work between Christopher and myself titled Duet. Poems written in conversation. Of course when we did that, we were inhabiting our poem personas, as maybe a novelist would do speaking in character. The work came out of the exchange of poems we had in April 2014, in conjunction with what you’re all familiar with, NaPoWriMo 2014. You may download the collections here and read it at your leisure during the long weekend. Hope you find it as pleasurable as the experience I had winging through the writing process with my collaborator. Happy reading.


20 thoughts on “We Wordle #21

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  3. How about a bijuaru-ku ? bijuaru = visual in Japanese
    While haiga is a haiku on a photo, here there is visual movement.

    Visual movement translates to ‘shikaku-tekina ugoki –
    I think though, that visual also implies movement. Where vision is the single image, visual is the motion.
    Just some ideas.

  4. aloha Irene and all

    my response to the We Wordle Prompt #21:

    Post Title: Passage
    Haibun Title: Journey Fourth (7-4-2014)


    the words of course are way fun, thank you Irene (and thank you again for looking into my Videoku).

    my challenge was/is in posting while far from my usual resources. in fact I gave up (for now) linking to the Red Wolf Poems blog and post. I hope you won’t mind too much this time around.

    for this reason too I may not get to or respond to other posts for at least a while.

    I’m interested in the thoughts on a term for what I’ve called Videoku (Video-ku). it’s a way fun thing to explore. I’m hoping to do more at some point although with a better camera someday as well (I may have to give in and use my iPad for video while here on Goose Pond—we’ll see).

    happy fourthing to all. aloha. Rick.

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