We Wordle #20


Time flies. We’re at mid year. It’s hot as hell.

So I’m in a somewhat celebratory mood. But more of that later. Here are the words culled from the poems submitted to last week’s prompt.

Rosalyn: eternal, cycle, magic
Jules: grace, moon, celebratory
Barbara: wake, follows, usually
Irene: border, natives, incarnated
Rick1: clay, shape, planet
Rick2: memory, grandmother, bowl
Stimmyabby: wood, flame, glinting

I did a double take because “grandmother” cropped up in both Rick’s and Stimmy’s work.

Here’s Rick’s haiku:

I place a button
in her memory bowl

Pithy. So what’s inside your bowl this week? Is it empty, or full, or half half? There’s always a dichotomy when you ask that question. It’s a trick question. It’s meant to trick the mind or something. It’s a matter of stance. So your posture matters. Maybe life is meant to lead you to a certain posture. Or a certain persona. That becomes the summation of a quest.

Whether you like it or not, life comprises both failures and successes. You lose some, you win some. Here’s an interesting epiphany. When you come away empty, it could be a blessing in disguise. You’ve lost something. But you’ve gained something else. This is my son’s lesson for today. He had applied for a scholarship and lost. The reason he lost is so that he could qualify to win a far better scholarship today. Wow. Blessing in disguise. So there is a grand plan.

Now if that’s not something to celebrate, I don’t know what is. Celebrate God. Celebrate a stance. Celebrate your grandmother. Just go write something celebratory, won’t you? Then celebrate that you wrote a poem. Heh.


32 thoughts on “We Wordle #20

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      • We know some older couples who have had children late in life and dote on nieces and nephews because they believe their own children will not ‘produce’ grandchildren while they are still living…

        A sad thought for them. I would hope they would dwell on expressing happiness rather than well, whining.

        Grandparents come in as many hues as the grandchildren that enter their lives. I wish for you when the time comes – the best joys you can imagine. πŸ™‚

  2. Awesome blessing, Irene!! Thank you for gathering the words and sharing your now with us!!

    I jotted them down in my notebook…going to play with this collection while out in the yard today…be back in a while! πŸ™‚

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  10. aloha Irene and all

    whew. my response:

    Post Title: Dream Wolf
    Haibun Title: Silent Sunrise


    i’m on to. . . . to. . . . heck if i know. i’ll probably figure it out when i get there. bwahahahahahahaha. (no, i’m quite sane thank youβ€”most of the time). fun on. aloha.

    oh. wait. i have to say, “Wow”. i was wowed by your prompt intro, Irene and how could i not respond to that? thank you as well for your patience and understanding. aloha. rick

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