Prompt #214: Celebration and Ritual


First a shameless plug:  Red Wolf Journal Issue 2 is live.  Please follow the link and take a summer’s leisurely read down the “The River: Within Us and Without Us.”

Now with a smidgen more subtly, I bring you this week’s prompt.

What do you celebrate?  What are your rituals?  Family traditions, Christmas, cultural traditions–what traditions have touched your life.  If not larger traditions, then look at daily rituals.  Morning rituals, evening rituals, cooking rituals, writing rituals.  How did they come about?  What sustains them?  How do they sustain you?

You may find one that grabs you immediately.  Write down everything you can about it–origin, steps, impact, differences between you and others, sensory aspects, and so on.  If one does not claim your attention, brainstorm any you think of for.  Look at other people’s rituals and celebrations.

You don’t have to limit yourself to just one celebration/ritual.  You can braid associated rituals together or even patchwork quilt them into a poem.  For more ideas on celebrations and rituals and how our poetry might speak with them, read here.

Alright poets, show us how you rite.



30 thoughts on “Prompt #214: Celebration and Ritual

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      • aloha Yousei. i’m delighted to be here when ever possible. thank you.

        i mentioned on a previous reply but i’ll mention it here too, i’m likely to be less active on Red Wolf Poems over the next couple of months as i will do a bit of traveling and then have house reworkings i have to attend to. . . . i’ll be around. and hopefully jump in occasionally. but if i’m not here. you’ll know why.

        aloha – rick.

      • aloha Irene. cool. and yes, i think repetition can create ritual.

        “aloha” has a lot of meaning behind it. it’s more than just a greeting and departing word. it encompasses the hospitality associated with traditional hawaiian culture. it literally also means “to give ones breath to another” or “to give the breath of life to the other” or “to give the breath of God to the other”. all meaning to be well and healthy when you come and when you go. and there is more. . . . i suspect you get the idea tho. as far as i’m concerned, use it when ever you’d like to do so. aloha. rick.

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