Prompt #213: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand (More, or Less) Words

Greetings poets!

This week’s prompt is a image prompt featuring “San Antonio Riverwalk #1”, an art piece by our Issue 2 cover artist, Angela (Alex) Weddle.

San Antonio Riverwalk #1, by Angela (Alex) Weddle

Issue 2, “The River: Within Us and Without Us”, will be going live in a few days. In the meantime, we wanted to offer one of Alex’s other art pieces for your inspiration. What does the artwork say to you? Can you picture yourself walking by the river in the scene above? What kind of story might emerge within this scene — for example, what might be happening in one of the buildings? Or how about an ekphrastic approach?

Drink this in, poets. I’m excited to see what y’all come up with. And in the meantime, stay tuned for Issue 2.



22 thoughts on “Prompt #213: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand (More, or Less) Words

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  2. San Antonio War Memorial
    – (by Don Mathis)
    Over on that block is Travis Park.
    Some may remember the Alamo, although
    (according to lore), the cannons date from the Civil War.
    The statue in the center commemorates
    the ‘honor and glory’ of the Confederates.
    The Municipal Auditorium,
    built to honor the Great War veterans,
    has increased its purpose.
    It now honors engagements from all US forces.
    The Marines over there, guarding their hill,
    live and die by the Korean War code, kill or be killed.
    This Viet-Nam vet searches the skies,
    unsure if his friend lives or dies.
    Where’s the edifice for Desert Storm
    or the monument for enduring Freedom
    or Granada or the others, I lose count.
    How many more memorials are needed
    to recall the daze of war and the criminal intent,
    when memory fades, and monuments
    will not suffice, to stop a useless sacrifice?

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  5. aloha Nicole. and all. yes. it started. and then took off. a thousand words? more or less? okay. less. i chose less. altho there are quite a few. . . .

    and it was fun. my response:

    post title: Summer Light
    Haibun title: And Winged Beings of the Otherness

    aloha. rick.

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