We Wordle #18



This week’s wordle is fashioned from Yousei’s Prompt 212 “Polishing Silver” – three words from each poet’s contribution. I reckon everyone knows the drill: 1. You needn’t use all the wordsbut you may if you wish, and 2. Post your work on your blog or post it below as a comment, and 3. Post a link to your poem so we may all read it and comment on your superb creation.

Here are the words, and bonne chance!

Bastet: eye camel living
Barbara: resinous crushed driving
Rick: sky sleep trees
Viv: idleness hope hold
Debi: shivers tight fragile
Hannah: truth knows words
Christopher: ditch kiss tea
Jules: sit cup cloth
Irene: dark hole door
Misky: apple stains thin
Yousei: stir foam dawn

I’m looking forward to reading all of your creations!


~ Misky


62 thoughts on “We Wordle #18

  1. Oh fun! I do so love wordles and was wondering when another mega wordle was going to come up (if ever) … also a cool way to choose the words and I’m happy to contribute!

    • aloha Roslyn. somehow i have difficulty knowing when my comment goes on blogspot. so i’m repeating my attempt here:

      aloha Roslyn. beautifully rendered. i like the rhythm you weave into your words. fun. aloha. rick

    • Ros, I’m not sure why my comment of yesterday hasn’t appeared on your blog, but I shall try again, as this is a wonderfully written poem. There’s also something very intriguing about “the ditch which keeps pure heaven from this earth”.

      • I don’t know either Misky. Other people leave comments. Then again I don’t get notifications from your site either. Sigh. Well the ditch is mythic – River styx being one version of that which divides this world from Home.

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