We Wordle #17


Hello wandering poets,

Welcome to our neck of the woods. Phew, we managed to transition to this new site. *pat on back*

Hopefully you’re now forgetting that you wordled too much in April. Because you’re getting a wordle today.
Here’s our collaborative word list from poems submitted to last week’s prompt, Prompt #211 Find the River. As you know by now, ours is a mixed platter and I’ve hand-picked three words each from your poems.

Barbara: limpid, blood, river
Viv: boggy, willows, mallards
Nicole: fire, veil, dual
puff of smoke: scenery, oars, bend
Christopher: faithless, mists, cascade
Hannah: gramophone, trumpet, melody
Walt: fissure, free, forsaking
Debi: torrent, pleasure, droplets
Misky: dolls, muck, magic
Irene: cage, stripes, camouflage
Jules: ink, stanza, symbols
Walt2: dance, cards, home
Rick: scent, stones, textures
Suzanne: currents, tides, impermanence

I thought I’d have a theme this time: Collision. When I was working as a book editor, “collision” was a favorite word in my book blurbs for pulpy romances. Desires collide. Words collide. Cars collide. You get the drift. If there’s no collision, there’s no friction, there’re no sparks, and you know first love is all about fireworks.

Optional: If you like music, then maybe you could search for songs that feature “collision” in the title or lyrics and steep in the song and let it take your poem somewhere.

You can of course, ignore both theme and music option and go your own wily way.

Do not feel obligated to use all the words and feel free to mutate the words as well. If the words aren’t serving your art, you should ditch them.

I hope your poems grow rich this year. Since, you know, they can’t possibly bring you riches. Except we all know they do make you spiritually richer. If they don’t, ditch ’em. Or dunk them in a pail of water till they come out clean.


53 thoughts on “We Wordle #17

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      • yes. well. i live in hawaii. i didnt grow up here. i’ve lived here a long time.

        i’ve been aware of Red Wolf f Journal for a while. and know a few people here. so with the new place i thought maybe this was a good time to respond to prompts. i hope that is okay. i dont always catch everything i should so if i’m doing something i shouldnt be doing, please let me know. or not doing something i should be doing too. aloha.

      • I’m glad to meet a Hawaiian native. I realise that you write haiku/haiga so I’d love to read your take on the prompts here.

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